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Re: How to convert ogg files to mp3

> The problem is that those young ears are more attuned to Britney
> Spears and Backstreet Boys than to Pink Floyd. I know, I run a few
> music websites and I cringe to see what's requested. Amazing that Dark
> Side of the Moon, recorded 30 years ago, is not only a higher quality
> recording, but also musically and lyrically far more advanced, than
> almost anything that has been released in the past ten years.

You forgot "by a mainstream English language record label"

> In short, Britney sounds just as bad at 128mbs as it does in it's full
> CD glorification. No damage done.

Some of the encoding properties are more sensitive to some kinds of
music, I'll stay out of the artistic taste of Britney but there were
known problems with early versions of ogg and french horn pieces for
example. I never noticed as the only horn piece I like is from Flanders &
Swann ;)

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