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Re: Bonehead Move, LVM

Mike McCarty schreef:
Tod wrote:


I got the loopback working and can see all the partitions in the image. Since its a volume managed device I'm now stuck. I can see the partitions but I can't think of how to get around the lvm part to mount them and see the actual contents. I'm not that lvm proficient quite yet.

I tossed FC4 when I discovered that it installs LVM by default. LVM is
IMO worse than useless. I see no advantages for me, and I see problems
(like yours, for example) looming in the future.
I would have to agree on this, for our servers we use freebsd because it does not have lvm and it's very easy to add drives etc. Would it not be a good idea to add a checkbox in the installer wich says yes automic partitioning but no lvm.

I once added a harddrive in my pc asuming it would just get mounted (being an ex mac user).
Then I must have done something wrong in lvm and everything stopped working.
I did have a backup but it was not a good experience.

Does anybody have any hits? Anybody maybe have some experience making this type of mistake and have some advice on trying to recover the data from it?

Sorry, no.

And yes, I am now in the process of implementing a backup system :(

Well, live and learn.

I suggest that, when you get yourself back on your feet, you not
use LVM.


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