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Re: Update Conflicts

On at least 2 FC6 x86-64 boxes, I had issues with ext2libs where I had
to download all files and manually install.  When I finally updated my
laptop, I had hundreds of MB of updates.

One issue is that on x86_64, there are two copies so if you remove,
you must do rpm -e --all-matches....

I have had CONTINUAL issues with using yum to keep my boxes updated.
Every few weeks I get conflicts which have to be manually resolved,
often by simply removing a package and reinstalling it to get the

On my FC6 x86_64 laptop, yum crashed twice and I had to remove the
__db* files and rebuild the RPM DB to get it to work.   This is a 4-5
year old problem with RPM (first seen with RH7 or RH8 and the newer
Berkley DB).

All my boxes use FC6 (i386 or x86_64), extras, and a few packages from
http://freshrpms.net.  It would be nice if they all played well

We could start a flame war contrasting MS Update versus YUM?

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