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Re: Bonehead Move, LVM

On Thu, 2007-02-15 at 15:50 +0000, Andy Green wrote:
> Michael A Peters wrote:
> > LVM allows easy resizing of partitions, something you can not safely do
> > with ext2 partitions without LVM. LVM avoids the need to completely back
> > up and restore a drive because the average user was not psychic enough
> > to know how things should be laid out to be space efficient 2 years post
> > install.
> > 
> > LVM allows you to leave lots of unused space so that you can use it
> > where you need it when you need it without having to fuss with mount
> > points and figuring out how to make the mount points integrate most
> > effectively into your file system.
> This is true, but it's a curious thing: these cures are for diseases 
> caused by fragmenting the storage space into fixed closed 
> partition-subworlds in the first place.  You can get the same joy in 
> your life by just having a single fully sized / partition and none of 
> this complex stuff piled upon constricting stuff delivering nothing 
> going on.

Unfortunately there is no way to do a clean install while preserving
some data if it is all one partition.

By using LVM I can make a separate /srv and /home and do clean installs
when new versions of Fedora come out w/o needing to restore the data on
those volumes from backup.

Clean installs are really preferable for me as I've had too many weird
things result from doing upgrades. Especially when some packages change
how configuration files in /etc should be written (IE apcupsd bit me
that way once - since I had configured the file, updating rather than
clean install resulted in a broken configuration as the old config file
was preserved)

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