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Re: Bonehead Move, LVM

At which point you *won't* have an FC(n-1) system the same as your previous one, since you will have lost all the various updates and system changes you had made :)

I will be able to keep all the "system changes" I choose: updates can be reapplied and a copy of cat /var/log/rpmpkgs will show me what else I need to recover. Keeping my home dir and the bulk of /var will mean it is of limited horror as well. However, I have been using Fedora since before FC1, only once did I get into a pickle that required nukage, that was trying to come off Development and back to the previous FCn.

I also have never had to completely abandon any RH/FC(n) release (I also have been doing this for a while, since about RH8 on my current laptop I think) but several times I have found that whilst FC(n) ran OKish, not everything I needed worked straight away, such as X or wireless. The point when the kernel went from 2.4.X to 2.6.X was particularly interesting. This happened more in the early days when my hardware was relatively new - not so now. However, I still find it VERY useful to be able to live with 2 FC releases at the SAME time, whilst sorting out any problems with the newer one.

I guess we just disagree. To me is plain obvious that multiple partitions and LVM are good things, and I am glad it is by default what is used by the installer. I guess you disagree and that fine, good even, since if we all agreed on everything life would be much duller :)

;-) I think you might come to disagree too if you get faced with a broken drive and are kept away from the filesystem by an LVM wrapper that is only there for reasons that are very esoteric indeed at that moment.

I agree this is one potential downside to LVM, but personally I don't think this con out-weights the many pros, IMHO. ( Also I suspect eventually the tools will be developed to deal with this, as LVM becomes more widely used, so this con will become a non-issue, but this is just speculation... )

 Each to his own, but hopefully there is food for thought on
this thread when it comes to giving advice to others.

Indeed. Let people read our comments and make up their own mind.


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