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Re: How to convert ogg files to mp3

Today Michael Wiktowy did spake thusly:

On 2/16/07, Scott van Looy <scott ethosuk org uk> wrote:
Today Dotan Cohen did spake thusly:
> Also, hardware support for ogg is almost non-existant.
WAS non existant. I've had a Rio Karma for years that plays oggs tho

I was hopeful that ogg was gaining acceptance too but that hope was
squashed this past Christmas which shopping for a digital music

It appears that Microsoft's new "Plays for Sure" is making sure that
player no longer support oggs and no longer are accessible via USB
Mass Storage but rather the more awkward MTP. I had a heck of a time
trying to find a product in one of the main electronics stores that
had ogg support and acted like a UMS drive.

In the end, after a fair amount of research and hunting around, I
found one of the last iRiver T30s available. Unfortunately, the
firmware installer that was supposed to revert the T30 back to a UMS
device so that it could used on an OS other than XP, needed XP to run.
When I found an XP box to run it on, it wouldn't work. I had to return
it and buy a non-ogg Creative that acted like a UMS drive.

So the moral of the story is, while ogg compatibility *was* gaining
more acceptance in the hardware player world, they are no longer due
to "Plays for Sure". It makes me sad. I suppose some players are still
available by ordering online ... but good luck finding one in the
local electronics store.

Surely that depends where you live? ;)

I rarely buy anything electrical in a store any more anyway on account of online prices generally being cheaper and a much wider choice.

Many players can be flashed with RockBox for ogg support:

I use my Palm TX and PocketTunes - have around 600 songs on a 1gig SD card in low bitrate ogg format and quality wise it's about half way between CD and Net radio - it's pretty good ;)

If I was going to buy a new mp3 player, however, I'd go for this:
Which is the best player around IMHO

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