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Re: How to SMTP (Email) Server Fedora 6?

Tim wrote:
Mikkel L. Ellertson:
Local POP/SMTP server on a dialup connection. This requires longer
spooling of outgoing messages, and warning times. Incoming mail may
require the server to accept incoming network connections, or a
program like fetchmail may grab Internet mail.

Les Mikesell:
Connectivity doesn't matter to sendmail

It did when I was on dialup, there's a number of issues:

If you allow your system to dial on demand, you could be doing so far
more than you wanted.

If your system spends more time off-line than on-line, it may be
off-line too long for messages to stay in the queue.  They get bounced
back to you, locally, as undeliverable.

I suppose I can't speak for everyone, but in this century if my computer couldn't complete a mail delivery within the several-day default sendmail timeout, I probably wouldn't choose it to run as an internet mail server. In a previous century I did run mail servers over dialups, but I used uucp which is designed for that as the transport and deals with the batching and timing accordingly.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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