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Re: Kontact/kde-pim new problem

On Saturday 17 February 2007, Olaf Mueller wrote:
> Anne Wilson wrote:
> > On Friday 16 February 2007, Rex Dieter wrote:
> >> Olaf Mueller wrote:
> >> > Yes, and the problem was caused by a new update of basket:
> >> > Feb 15 01:19:34 Updated: basket.i386 1.0-1.fc6 (/var/log/yum.log)
> >> >
> >> > Delete or rename ~/.kde/share/apps/basket and
> >> > ~/.kde/share/config/basketrc, that should solve the problem.
> >>
> >> I'm curious, how does basket interact with kontact?
> >
> > Rex, Olaf's 'basket' fix didn't cure it for me.  How can I help
> > troubleshoot it?
> Basket is the causer of this error, see for more on the kdepim
> developers list. If this doesn't work for you, and 'rpm -e basket'
> doesn't work for you too, then nobody can help you without more
> information. Then your problem seems to me more complex.
Before this came up I didn't even know that basket was installed.  I renamed 
it, so I'll try to put it back to what it was and then try an 'rpm -e' on it.

Whatever the problem is, it definitely came from that update run.


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