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Unwanted suspend and hibernate buttons in KDE

Since last week's update to KDE, I have a "Suspend" button in my KDE logout
dialogue, which changes to "Hibernate" if shift is held (very

I was going to ask how to disable this, as neither suspend nor hibernate
work correctly on my system. However, I've already downloaded the SRPM and
had a look at the patch providing these buttons. As far as I can tell, they
are hard-coded in. There is no option in the KDE control centre to switch
off the ability to suspend, and it doesn't even read in a configuration

So the only way I can remove the button is to recompile kdebase, and repeat
every time the package is updated. Great! Shouldn't features like this be
added properly in a Unix-like manner, rather than hard-coding them so that
users don't have a choice, as in Windows?



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