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Re: need laptop advice

Mike - EMAIL IGNORED writes:

I need a laptop with these capabilities:

1. Duel boot, (win2k or winXp) and FC.
2. VPN for both operating systems.
3. Wireless net access.
4. 1+ gig ram
5  external mouse option

I have extensive experience with desktops,
but little with laptops.  I will do all
software installation.

Advice would be much appreciated.

Googling "linux laptops" will get you many vendors that will preload Linux. Most of them will preconfigure an XP dual boot, upon request.

But you might be too late. I'm not sure if it's possible to even get an XP install, these days. Most vendors are probably being forced to sell Vista licenses, by now.

I hope you realize that you have zero chances of getting a Windows/Linux dualboot from a big namebrand vendor, such as Dell, or HP. That's just not going to happen. There's a slight chance that some of them might offer an expensive business-grade laptop with Red Hat Enterprise as an option, but that's about it. Your only option is smaller independent VARs; expect slightly higher prices.

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