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Re: How do I send a email to all users on server?

fedora-list epperson homelinux net wrote:
> On Mon, February 19, 2007 13:56, Bazooka Joe wrote:
>> I want to notify my users of downtime... I have not been able to find
>> any way to send an email to all users on server.
>> any idea how that is done?
> Lotsa ways to do it.  You could create an alias with all the names, for
> instance, and mail to that.  If they're in /etc/passwd, then
> cat /etc/passwd|cut -d: -f1|while
> read user
> do
>   mail -s "Downtime Scheduled" $user < message.txt
> done
> would do it (put your message in message.txt).  You'd also send mail to
> the non-user users like daemon, but you'd cover everybody.  If you're
> using NIS, then "ypcat passwd" instead of "cat /etc/passwd".
You could use something like:

getent passwd | awk -F: '{if ( $3 >= 500 ) print $1}' | while

in place of the cat /etc/passwd line. The awk section give you users
with UID 500 or greater. You may have to change it to 100, depending
on the UID of the first non-system user. You could also test the
home directory to see if it is /home/<something>.


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