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replacing files via rpm

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For a project I want to replace some files from packages with my own in
some FC6 boxes. I run my own repositories, but all boxes yum updates
from the official mirrors.

For a test run I want to replace the grub loading pic and the default
desktop wallpaper.

What way would you suggest?

* I could simply create a rpm which contains the new files
Pro: simple
Con: get's overwritten each time the package containing the original
files gets updated

* I can find out, which package contains the files and put one with the
same name but a higher major release into my own repository. This new
one should contain its original contents with just the files replaced I
want to.
Pro: Can't get "overupdated"
Con: May break dependencies

* I can create a package containing my new files and new config files,
referring to the new files instead of the original ones.
Pro: Seems to be a rather "clean" attempt.
Con: May get overwritten by updated original packages. Produces lots of
work merging my config with the original one of new packages

* I could have all boxes syncing to my own repos and include fedora
core, extras, livna, etc. every repo which contains packages I want
files to be replaced and just replace the files in those packages.
Pro: Really, really "clean" attempt
Con: lots, lots of work for me and my servers.

Any other ideas?

Kind regards,
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