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Network not working after FC5 X_64 install

I have a new Dell 740n system with the following configuration.


        AMD Athalon X2-5000+

        NVIDIA 4 chip set

        150 GB SATA disk

        Onboard Broadcom 57XX NIC


I have a default FC 5 X64 installation with the kernel configuration of “noapic” and the computer boots ok, and is stable. But I have no network.


Computer is one of 4 on a switch, the other three are able to receive DHCP address no problems


Installed Intel pro/1000 MT NIC, configured for DHCP…No Address received


Changed to Static IP…no outbound traffic


Changed back to DHCP… can not contact DHCP server


Changed to direct connected (not from Stitch) network cable …no outbound traffic


Used a cross over cable connected to known working computer …no outbound traffic


Reinstalled the OS, thinking I had messed something up…still no network


Changed NIC’s thinking that maybe the NIC was bad…still no network


Searched Google for a fix…can not seem to find any thing.


Dose anyone have any ideas?


Thanks Brent




Brent Snow

SYTACOM Systems Administrator

McGill University



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