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Re: ESR: Goodbye Fedora

M. Fioretti wrote:
Just saw this on LWN (haven't even finished reading it), sorry if it
has already been posted:



I read it, and most of the comments on it.

Mr. Raymond could have solved his problems by using a different package manager (i.e., smart) and being pro-active about using it. The best thing that extras ever did was to build its own version of smart.

As an example of being pro-active with smart (rather than merely accepting whatever changes it recommends without further review): I've known for weeks now that the priorities system seems to be broken /in re/ libgcrypt, libtheora, and some jpackage libraries. For some reason, smart wants to upgrade some packages from ATrpms, and downgrade some other packages on jpackage, this although I already have versions originally installed from core, released-updates, and extras. I don't know what's going on (are these packages now gone from released-updates or extras?), but until I do, I always unmark those changes before I commit. Why couldn't Mr. Raymond do the same thing? What is he looking for?

And about those proprietary codecs: doesn't he realize that not all of us want to build multimedia machines? Some of us want to build database servers or Web servers, and you don't need proprietary /anything/ for that sort of work!

Does anyone here think that any of Mr. Raymond's suggestions have any merit? Or shall we write this off to sour grapes?


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