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Re: ESR: Goodbye Fedora

>> He's kind of slow on the draw if he just noticed that fedora is a
>> bleeding edge distribution and not particularly stable.  New development
>> has to be tested somewhere.
> ESR has always been a lot of hot air.  He's an attention whore.

He is some thing of a gas bag, isn't he. :D

I've had the misfortune of hearing him speak at our local LUG. Besides being the
most arrogant SOB I've met in my 37 years, he implied in his speech that he was
somehow responsible for the Linux revolution and apparently forcing all the
Fortune100 companies to switch to Linux.

Thank god he'll no longer claim to be a Fedora user. It's sort of the same thing as
Hannibal Lechter or Jeffrey Dahmer being in your dining club.

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