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Re: ESR: Goodbye Fedora

Les Mikesell writes:

M. Fioretti wrote:
Just saw this on LWN (haven't even finished reading it), sorry if it
has already been posted:


He's kind of slow on the draw if he just noticed that fedora is a bleeding edge distribution and not particularly stable. New development has to be tested somewhere.

Actually, had you actually read the article, it's exactly the opposite: his main complaint is, basically, that over the years, rpm slowly turned into crap:

"Red Hat/Fedora throw away what was at one time a near-unassailable lead in technical prowess..."

Five-seven years ago, rpm was, hands down, the technically superior package management system. But it failed to keep up with the times. Rather than fixing fundamental defects in rpm, instead they put a big layer of makeup on it: yum, and its plugins. But it's a still a big piece of turd underneath, and it's getting to the point where no amount of makeup will help.

Now, I don't know what was his actual major malfunction with rpm. I've been updating FC 6 constantly, and I have not experienced any problems. At least not the usual ones. He probably is also pulling it some software from other external yum repos, and they weren't either built properly by the external maintainer, or there was a temporary disconnect due to not everything being up to date at the same time -- as it often happens with external repos having packages with dependencies on other packages in core or extras -- but the usual solution is to wait a day or two for everything to settle down.

But I agree with his main point. I no longer use rpm to keep the tabs of all the additional stuff I install on my machines.

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