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Re: ESR: Goodbye Fedora

On Wed, 21 Feb 2007, Kwan Lowe wrote:

He's kind of slow on the draw if he just noticed that fedora is a
bleeding edge distribution and not particularly stable.  New development
has to be tested somewhere.

ESR has always been a lot of hot air.  He's an attention whore.

He is some thing of a gas bag, isn't he. :D

Maybe :), but he has a couple things I agree with, RH/Fedora is losing ground on desktop share, because people want things to just work, like as simple as playing a bloody mp3, which they can do with every other distro
out there. like it or not, its here and here to stay.

Try converting winblows users to Fedora, but saying, oh but you cant play mp3's out of the box...you can, but youll have to go toa unofficial RH/Fedora repo and try install it, or do like I do and erase the players RH bastardises, and grab the source and install it, now say that to a newbie and you've lost em! First impression are ever lasting in this game.

Secondly, the version upgrade is messy, I've never ever yet upgraded from one version of RH or Fedora without conflicts, FC4 was a comple explosion, I gave up and reinstalled previous and ignored FC4.

Yet I can do this with even slackware and have been able to for years,
with slapt-get I was able to upgrade without a drama a slackware 7 box
to a slackware 11.0!!, reboot and viola! all working.

I'll possibly for time being stick with Fedora for desktops,as I've used them since early RH, but no way in bloody hell will it ever run on any server in my data center, I'll stick with slackware there, last RH server I decommisioned about 2 years ago was RH9, it was unbreakable, Fedora is by design "bleeding edge" or is that "bleeding edge of blunders", and if we dont fix it soon, the likes of debian and suse will overtake us by a long mile.

/end rant :P


"We can be Heroes, just for one day" - Davey (Jones) Bowie

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