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Re: ESR: Goodbye Fedora

> Maybe :), but he has a couple things I agree with, RH/Fedora is losing 
> ground on desktop share, because people want things to just work, like as 
> simple as playing a bloody mp3, which they can do with every other distro
> out there. like it or not, its here and here to stay.

Its called "US law".

Fedora really doesn't want to get sued for distributing mp3 tools if the
patent owners get cross, or say Microsoft buys the patent out from them
to cause trouble. Many of the other distributions aren't worth sueing
because they have no money anyway. Others seem to be hoping that
being registered in a tax haven in the UK and based notionally somewhere
in Africa can save them. They may even be right.

What actually has a hope of solving the MP3 problem is this sort of stuff


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