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Re: ESR: Goodbye Fedora

Wade Hampton writes:

5)  Yum is a good updater, but has become slow and has many issues.  My FC6

I agree. yum is unacceptably slow. It's not really yum, but, going back to my earlier point, it's rpm's inherent design.

     x86_64 boxes fail nearly every time I do an update because of
missing packages.

You need to run this down. You have something going on that needs to be fixed. I have had no issues with yum update on FC 6 x86_64.

Of course, after I upgraded from FC 4 to FC 6 (which took maybe 2 hours max on my x86_64 server), I carefully went through the aftermath, and carefully uninstalled all i386 junk, and gingerly repaired the damage due to rpm bugs I was aware of beforehand -- which manifest themselves when you remove multilib packages.

After I stabilized FC 6 x86_64 to a good state, I never had yum update fail going forward from that point on.

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