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Re: ESR: Goodbye Fedora

> > Its called "US law".
> The U.S law does not apply to any other country ( contrary to what the U.S 
> likes to think ;) )

Fedora is US based and therefore subject to US law. Furthermore the
question of whether a US organisation shipping bits abroad which are then
used abroad in a manner breaching US patent is currently before the
supreme court (Microsoft v AT&T).

In addition a US citizen providing the URL of the livna repository is
committing an offence (The 2600 magazine case)

> And if thats such a problem, like I said, why do none of the other distros 
> base in hte US stop providing...
> > to cause trouble. Many of the other distributions aren't worth sueing
> > because they have no money anyway. Others seem to be hoping that
> I dont believe that for a second. A large distro base like Slackware and 
> Debian offer them, and there name is as well known as RH's.

Slackware and Debian together aren't worth the cost of bringing the
lawsuit. Their total real world assets are worth peanuts. 


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