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Re: ESR: Goodbye Fedora- big picture

Sam Varshavchik and a lot of other people wrote some thoughtful replies, but:

1) trust me, the Debian system is just as broken. I spend a lot of time sorting out both distros.
1a) regarding yum, what good is a distro without an upgrade system?

2) a few other rhetorical comments-
Isn't this a result of the torrent of new apps that has arrived since RH7-8 and Debian Woody days? Isn't this fundamentally the same shared library disaster that they call dll-hell on Windows? Boy howdy that Windows repository was a great solution... At bottom isn't this a rate-of-change issue? The Mac world solves this by welding the hood shut. As soon as you start adding uncommon software there, OSX has problems too.
I'll donate to an OS solution to the multimedia problem.

3) I guess if I could wave a wand, I'd have a set of common fundamental libraries that get shared and maintain compatibility between distro releases, and everything else would be handled by the applications themselves. Maybe this is plain dumb, but it sure would be easier for me...

John Fisher

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