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Re: Boot fromn external HD

Andre Kirchner wrote:
> Hi,
> I have Debian and Windows XP installed in my internal HD, and just
> installed Fedora Core 6 in an external USB HD, but menu.lst in my
> internal HD was not updated.
> Could someone show me a menu.lst sample where there's an entry to boot
> Fedora Core 6 from an external HD?
> Thanks in advance,
> Andre
Does your BIOS support booting from a USB drive? If so, using that
option is probably the easiest way to do it. The other way would be
to copy the kernel and initrd from the USB drive to your /boot
directory, copy your Debian entry, and change the name of the kernel
and initrd files. An entry to boot directly off the USB drive can be
a problem, because the BIOS probably isn't going to give the USB
drive a number.

You may also be able to duplicate the Windows entry, and change it
to boot from (hd 1, 0) instead of (hd 0, #). But this requires that
the BIOS maps the USB drive when booting from the hard drive.


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