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Re: ESR: Goodbye Fedora

On Thu, 22 Feb 2007, Alan wrote:

The U.S law does not apply to any other country ( contrary to what the U.S
likes to think ;) )

Fedora is US based and therefore subject to US law. Furthermore the
question of whether a US organisation shipping bits abroad which are then
used abroad in a manner breaching US patent is currently before the
supreme court (Microsoft v AT&T).

Yes, but again the US cant enforce its laws against other countries.
it is not the world govt/world police, and about time they woke up smelt the damned coffee and realised that.

In addition a US citizen providing the URL of the livna repository is
committing an offence (The 2600 magazine case)

I thought the US had a thing called the ammendement free speach or some thing, I guess this does not extend to typed speach :)

Slackware and Debian together aren't worth the cost of bringing the
lawsuit. Their total real world assets are worth peanuts.

So its all about $$$$$, fedora might have, 1 million users, debian and slackware could have combined 2 million, and they wont give a damn because neither of the other two make real money off it? LOL what a complete joke. What about when debian overtakes fedora because of the likes of this thread, what about when debian has 3 million users and fedora 900K or less.

What about, say the authors of certain code licensed under GPL, taking action against fedora for editing and distributing their code, unless a hell of a lot of the programs in fedora are all now licensed under the
Creative Commons license, they shouldnt be doing so, in my opinion.

NOTE: I do not understand US law, I am not in US, nor am I subject to US law so I dont really care too much for it, but it seems reasonable that
if threatened they could very easily be disolved in US and move to a more
legally sane and realistic country.
I guess what they say about the US is true "everybody sues everybody" :)


"We can be Heroes, just for one day" - Davey (Jones) Bowie

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