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Re: ESR: Goodbye Fedora

> Yes, but again the US cant enforce its laws against other countries.
> it is not the world govt/world police, and about time they woke up smelt 
> the damned coffee and realised that.

The US thinks differently. Its accused for example of simply removing
people from other countries to interrogate or torture. The Microsoft v
ATT case if you bother to read it is relevant because Red Hat is based in
the USA (as are many of the contributors).

> > In addition a US citizen providing the URL of the livna repository is
> > committing an offence (The 2600 magazine case)
> I thought the US had a thing called the ammendement free speach or some 
> thing, I guess this does not extend to typed speach :)

Nope - common misunderstanding - political speech not arbitary speech. So
your right to object is protected not your right to give the URL

> law so I dont really care too much for it, but it seems reasonable that
> if threatened they could very easily be disolved in US and move to a more
> legally sane and realistic country.

If you move it and it is doing things not legal in the US then US people
can't contribute.

> I guess what they say about the US is true "everybody sues everybody" :)


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