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Re: Slightly OT: bad rap for Fedora, and realistic effects

aragonx dcsnow com wrote:
Well I'm not sure how many of you all have seen this:

Look, Linux has gained very large market and more importantly mind shares.
 Along with this growth, has come diversity of code.  This is a good
thing.  There are far more developers just working on the fedora project
than there were total when I first found Linux (at least it appears that
way to me).  Redhat will be fine.  Fedora will be fine.  I don't hear of
many businesses using Ubuntu on their servers, do you?  It wouldn't bother
me one little bit if Redhat narrowed it's focus just to the server market
and left the desktop to other distros like the afore mentioned.

Now, that does not mean that Redhat/Fedora don't currently have their
problems.  I agree with the criticizem about the RPM and I've had more
problems with FC6 than I have had with any release since Redhat 4.2 (I
think it was it).

Anyway, sure Fedora has lost some steam, I believe these things go in
cycles.  People will step up and get things moving faster and better.  We
are already seeing some of that (IMHO).  Be patient, help out where you
can and everything will be fine.
Some may consider it almost sac-religious to suggest the Fedora/Redhat have a specific out of the box desktop version. In my opinion the big advantage of Ubuntu over Fedora is their basic install is an easy lazy setup. While one can use command line in Ubuntu it is not set up nor do I feel one is intended to use command line. The majority of computer users do not want to bother with command line, they just want simple lazy administration. I personally prefer to use Fedora but when I recently set up a laptop for my 85 year old father (his first computer) I went with Ubuntu. I do not live close enough that I can regularly drop in to maintain his computer and wanted him to be able o do it himself. While the cutting edge command line approach for geeks is preferable for most of us on this list the reality is most computer users want to be able to use their computers with as little technical skills as possible. Yes technically and for performance reasons command line is superior but if Linux is to have wide spread use the technical level of the consumer has to be considered, in my opinion the Ubuntu distros are an attempt to move in this direction.

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