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Re: How will this affect Linux using MP3

On Thursday 22 February 2007, Res wrote:
>On Thu, 22 Feb 2007, Gene Heskett wrote:
>> On Thursday 22 February 2007, jim tate wrote:
>>> How will this affect Linux using MP3
>>> http://us.rd.yahoo.com/finance/external/cbsm/SIG=12qc5oi18/*http://ww
>>> arketwatch.com/news/story/microsoft-ordered-pay-alcatel-lucent-15/sto
>>> aspx?guid=%7B1DD3996C%2D8037%2D4528%2D9203%2DA612C9AD2564%7D&siteid=y
>>>hoo &dist=yhoo
>> I doubt it will have any long term effect, as IMO the suite was
>> baseless in the first place, and now we've had a died in the wool, red
>> white & blue judge who probably whistles yandee doodle while trimming
>> his roses in the back yard make a ruling that on the face of it, goes
>> against everything we know about MP3, eg Fahnhoffer own the patent and
>> who the hell is this alcatel/lucent if not just another patent troll? 
>> What rights do they claim they have to kick a dog in this fight?
>> Surely this will be summarily tossed at the next appeals court
>> hearing?
>For the first time in my life, I stand behind and support M$
>(Now im going to have to wash my mouth out with lots of amber fluids
>shorlty :P )
Yeah, I'm working on that too, within the limits of my diabetes.

I think, if this stands, then M$ will have no choice but to sue Fahnhoffer 
for breach of contract.  I've since read that somehow, Fahnhoffer has 
come into the clutches of the former AT&T behemoth, so there has to be 
someone, somewhere within that organization who needs to wear the blame 
for this one.

Of course to call a spade a bloody shovel, these guys have turned into the 
same quality of patent troll that nailed RIM for 600+ million.  I can 
recall faintly when such things would have been handled with a shotgun & 
a shovel.  Things were still a bit wild & wooly back in the 30's... Ya 
know, we still haven't found Jimmy Hoffa...

Whats even more interesting ATM is the days verbal arguments at the 
Supremes, they both SIDES, are painting themselves into a corner that may 
yet generate a ruling on the patentability of software even if that 
wasn't the point of the suit in the first place.  Breyer and Ginsberg are 
both asking questions from what appear to be very well clued in 
perspectives.  There may yet be hope of real justice if we all pray real 

And no, I'm not a preacher, nor do I play one on tv, so don't send your 
money to me. :)

Cheers, Gene
"There are four boxes to be used in defense of liberty:
 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
-Ed Howdershelt (Author)
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