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Updated Fedora Core 6 Distribution fails to enable E1000 Ethernet device using 2.6.19 kernels


I am trying to create an updated Fedora Core 6 distribution with all of the package updates to date and then install this across a network using a simple boot CD and NFS. I am using the "/usr/lib/anaconda-runtime/buildinstall" program to do this.

Generally this was working fine until I tried to update to the 2.6.19 kernel. Now when I boot from the CD the Anaconda installer attempts to configure the E1000 Ethernet interface with DHCP but fails.

In the Alt-F3 VT there are messages stating "send_packet: Network is down". The E1000 driver appears to have been loaded however.

If I rebuild the distribution with a 2.6.18 kernel everything is fine.
So is there some issue between Anaconda, the 2.6.19 kernels and the E1000 network interface ?

Is there a way of enabling the debug login shell on "Alt-F2" at this stage of boot so I can track down the problem further ?



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