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Re: How to get info on process

Dan Track wrote:

I've got a file /opt/development/index.html that I serve. The problem
I'm having is that some other process is touching/locking this file at
random intervals. Now this mystery process seems to only last for less

I don't understand. This is not a standard file, so the process which
is opening it should be one you created.

than a second. So my dilemma is how do I capture what it is given the
short space of time the process acts upon the file. What tools are

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turn them back on one by one.

I've tried to use

watch lsof /opt/development/index.html

with an interval of 1 sec refresh, but I still can't see the process. Any ideas?

Yes. You must have *some* app which is noticing that the file is
getting locked. Have it do an lsof on that file.

But really, this must be one of your own apps that's doing it,
musn't it?

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