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Re: is LVM safe for RAID-1?

On Fri, Feb 23, 2007 at 12:49:26 -0500,
  Jack Howarth <howarth bromo msbb uc edu> wrote:
>    I've been setting up software RAID-1 configurations
> since Fedora Core 2 with normal partitions instead of
> using LVM. I was wondering what the consensus was about
> using LVM for software RAID partitions? My inclination
> is that, unless one plans on adding additional drives
> to the LVM partitions later, it really only adds another
> layer of code that can break. Thanks in advance for
> any comments.

They have orthangonal purposes, so unless you are asking if there are bugs
in the block layer devices that support that combination, the question doesn't
make a lot of sense.

RAID 1 gives you protection against single drive failures. If you want that
feature, then you are going to need it regardless of whether you are using
LVM or not.

LVM provides a way to manage how space is partitioned (and I think some
other special features like snapshots) and if you need them, RAID 1 (or 5 or 6)
isn't going to help you.

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