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Re: fedora not able to boot

ismail bushra wrote:
by mistake I make changes in /etc/sysconfig/network-script/ifcfg-eth0, I remove the IP address and the system was reboot, when its come back to boot and starting its hang, I wait much time but still not able to boot, how I can solve this issue please thanks

Boot into a runlevel which does not start the network. I believe there are a few runlevels where the network is not started, runlevel 1 or runlevel 2.

Anyway, during booting press a key to show the menu. Then press the a key to append to the kernel boot line. backspace out the rhgb quiet and then enter a 1 after a space. This should put you in single user mode and you should be able to undo the network file glitch. After fixing the error, telinit 5 should get you running in runlevel 5 for the display manager login.

There are other ways like removing the cable which might allow the computer to boot because of no cable attached. There is also selecting interactive mode at boot and answering the prompts to start services.

Being Linux, there are probably many other ways to repair your system. These are just moves I would try to solve the problem.


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