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Re: Fedora Core 5: Automounting usb disk on boot

> I reformatted a 250 USB gb disk (LACIE) to ext3 and it works fine. It
> mounts when I start my gnome session, but if I reboot the disk is not
> mounted. I labelled it "Backup" so it always mounts as
> /media/Backup. I read around and found a suggestion to add the
> following line to my /etc/fstab:
> LABEL=Backup            /media/Backup           ext3 auto,hotplug,defaults
> 1 2
> I did this and the boot process would stop and enter in a loop and
> freeze. I had to boot from a Ubuntu Live CD and change the fstab file
> manually to get back my fedora.
> What is wrong with this line and how can I mount the Usb disk before
> starting a gnome session?

Instead of the label that you've given to the filesystem, try using the
device name, such as /dev/sda1.

Mike Burger

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