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Re: Fedora Core 5: Automounting usb disk on boot

> * Mike Burger [24/02/07 14:07]:
>> Instead of the label that you've given to the filesystem, try using the
>> device name, such as /dev/sda1.
> Is there a way of testing the fstab file before rebooting, I don't
> like to test my nervous system again with a freeze in the fifth line
> of boot process...

Sure...after you make the change in your fstab, just run:

"mount <filesystem>"

Might I also suggest, instead of using the fstab to deal with your USB
drive, that you use automount, instead?  That way, while filesystem may
not be mounted right at boot time, a simple "ls" or "cd" to the filesystem
will bring it online.

I do this for the USB drives that I use for my Mondo backups, so that
don't have to have them online at all times, and so that I can easily
disconnect them and take them offsite for storage.
Mike Burger

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