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Re: Do I need to reinstall?

> Thanks for that. I did manage to get ndiswrapper working for a while, but
> then the whole computer locked up. This looks like it is due to the
> difference in stack sizes between the kernel and the driver I am trying to
> use. From what I have read, this requires recompiling the kernel to use a
> 8KB stack which is beyond me at the moment.

Actually, its not really as hard as you might imagine. There are several web 
pages explaining the steps.

In the past I have followed the steps here


Which allow you to create fedora kernels rpms, with whatever tweaks you want. 
For you, you will need to at the  "Reconfigure the kernel" step find the 
option to enable 8k stacks (I recommend the xmenu over the menuconfig )

Alternatively, there are rpms out there in google-land you can find with 8k 
stacks. I happen to know that linuxant (which provides a commercial product 
called driverloader which performs the same thing as ndiswrapper ) provides 
FC kernel rpms with larger stack sizes. See here


and follow the link for your FC version and system arch.

( btw. driverLoader is very good - I was forced to use it for a while when 
ipw2100 did not exist and ndiswrapper caused my machine to hang hard ! 
DriverLoader worked a treat )

cheers Chris

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