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Re: Slightly OT: bad rap for Fedora, and realistic effects

On 23/02/07, aragonx dcsnow com <aragonx dcsnow com> wrote:
> Yes technically and for performance reasons command
> line is superior but if Linux is to have wide spread use the technical
> level of the consumer has to be considered, in my opinion the Ubuntu
> distros are an attempt to move in this direction.

Fedora/Redhat can NOT be the best distro for all applications.  Perhaps it
isn't a very good desktop.  I wouldn't know.  I use them as servers.  If
Ubuntu is a better desktop, great!  When I need a desktop I will install
that.  I think Redhat/Fedora make superior server distros and that is what
I use them for.  There is plenty of room for a great desktop distro and a
great server distro.

In the long run, it might even be wise for Redhat to specialize on the
server sector.  The number of applications that are available for Linux
has grown to the point where I don't see how one company, no matter the
size, would be able to find the 'best of breed' apps for everything.

With growth, comes change.

I agree that one distro should not be both server AND desktop. Even M$
has a desktop version of Windows (Vista) and a server version
(Server). Well, it might be more like trashcan version and spambot
version, but you get the point.

Dotan Cohen


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