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Re: Slightly OT: bad rap for Fedora, and realistic effects

On 24/02/07, Rahul Sundaram <sundaram fedoraproject org> wrote:
  The whole idea of spins is that we need to continue serving completely
conflicting requirements. What would we do with all the end users who
need to have all the packages in the media since they dont have a good
network access to pull packages off a repository? The number of CD's is
by no means the final criteria for selction. This is the reason there is
a broad range of choice provided now right from a single installable
live cd to a complete DVD set with 2 or 3 DVD's depending on the
architecture. Plus, you get the tools to produce your own live cd or
spin in a trivial fashion.


In an ideal world the install medium would not be a factor in
selecting a Linux distro, I agree. However, it does have veto power
and when I've got a hour to download, my chances of getting Kubuntu
intact at the end of that hour are much better than getting Fedora.
Furthermore, I have to burn those disks, and I can do one disk in five
minutes with no babysitting, but burning five disks require that I
babysit the machine for half an hour. Not a good impression to make on
someone who I'm installing thier first Linux distro for.

Shall I continue with the amount of problems that a 5 disk
installation makes? Thats 5 disks to check before an install. That's
five times the chance that a disk will get scratching in handling.
Also, here Fedora competes with cracked versions of Windows with
Office (and probably spyware) preinstalled. Sad, but a fact. Nobody
has morals, and nobody thinks that they are stealing. Fedora has to
compete with a one-disk install of Windows XP, that can be installed
in an hour with no babysitting. Fedora installs require one to switch
disk three or four times.

For my own use, I use Fedora. But there are enough hurdles to overcome
before one even thinks about installing Linux instead of Windows.
Making them download, burn, and check 5 disks is a very strong
turnoff. Not to mention all the babysitting that disk-swapping

Dotan Cohen


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