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Re: Slightly OT: bad rap for Fedora, and realistic effects

Chris Mohler wrote:
Fedora has to
compete with a one-disk install of Windows XP, that can be installed
in an hour with no babysitting. Fedora installs require one to switch
disk three or four times.

No way.  Win XP comes with NOTHING.  You can't even open ZIP file. FC
includes thousands(?) of programs.  Not a fair comparison.

Since FC5, I only download the first two discs and do a minimal
install.  I then yum groupinstall Gnome, KDE, etc.  Actual time I need
to be present is about an hour - do XP and say 100 applications and
tell me how long it takes you.


Since when could Windows XP not open zips by default? I just installed XP for someone and I can open zip files just fine. I also do not have Winzip installed on a laptop and it opens zip files and can create zip files without winzip having been downloaded or any other archive manager for that matter. Are there version of winxp that can not zip and unzip? =-/ Weird.

Alex White

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