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Re: Update FC5->FC6

Peter Lauri wrote:
> I tried to upgrade to FC6, but I am getting some errors. This is how I do
> it:
<snip yum upgrade>
> I am a real newbie and worried that I will screw up something. Can you
> please direct me into a "safe" direction? :-(

The documented and most tested way of upgrading Fedora is to boot from
whichever install media you prefer (CD, DVD, USB disk with an ISO image
on disk) and select that you want to upgrade your Fedora install, not
over-write it. This would have got you around your current issue.

In any case you should back up all important data before trying this.

Many here will recommend that instead you back up all important data
twice and re-install from scratch. This will give you a cleaner install,
but will mean that you have to remake any customisations. If you try
this, you should definitely keep a copy of everything under /etc so you
can check how the system has configured.

In practice, if you've installed a lot of non-Fedora programs, this
might be a good idea. If your system is basically a Fedora install, it
shouldn't be necessary.

(In this case, it looks like you've still got old kernels involved. If
you must go ahead with a yum upgrade, boot to a 2.6.18 or 2.6.19 kernel,
rpm -q kernel
to see which kernels you have installed, and then
rpm -e kernel-2.6.15.whatever.rpm
for each kernel earlier than 2.6.18.)

Hope this helps,


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