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Re: Update FC5->FC6

lists dwsasia com wrote:
Quoting James Wilkinson <fedora aprilcottage co uk>:

Peter Lauri wrote:
I tried to upgrade to FC6, but I am getting some errors. This is how I do
<snip yum upgrade>
I am a real newbie and worried that I will screw up something. Can you
please direct me into a "safe" direction? :-(

The documented and most tested way of upgrading Fedora is to boot from
whichever install media you prefer (CD, DVD, USB disk with an ISO image
on disk) and select that you want to upgrade your Fedora install, not
over-write it. This would have got you around your current issue.

The main issue is that I don't have access to anything else then a SSH connection. This is a server located in a data center in the US and I don't want to pay for support $100 per hour :)

I will do some more tests with this aproach...

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You can get the disks often for the price of a magazine.

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