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Re: Slightly OT: bad rap for Fedora, and realistic effects

On 27/02/07, Mikkel L. Ellertson <mikkel infinity-ltd com> wrote:
You can create a RAM disk, and copy files over to it. But it tends
to work out better to use the memory for buffers and disk cache
instead when you are using a reasonably fast hard drive. (Optical
drives are another story - they are MUCH slower.)

The thing to remember is that most CP/M systems were run from floppy
disks. They also had to do a lot of swapping in and out because the
processors could only directly address 64K of RAM. CP/M+ could swap
pages in and out if your hardware supported it, but you were still
limited to 64K mapped in at one time.

If you want a system that boots up fast, you have the option of
suspend to RAM or suspend to disk. There are advantages and
disadvantages to both, but if they work on your system, they can get
you to a working desktop in a short time.


I'm not looking for fast boot times, rather for snappy system
performance. Slax in RAM is _f_a_s_t_. I really could not believe how
fast the system was. Give it a shot if you're not familiar with it.
Open Office loads in about a second, slowed only by it's splash
screen. Firefox comes up instantly.

Dotan Cohen


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