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New LaTeX-community.org goes online

Dear list users,
   For any person that uses TeX/LaTeX or related
program there is a new LaTeX community online that
will discuss LaTex/TeX related issues.  Registration
is free and everyone is welcome to join.  The creator
of TeXniccenter Sven Wiegand has created this.  It has
sections for Kile, TeXmaker, and of course
TeXniccenter, as LaTeX/TeX editors.  Also has sections
for MikTeX (windows), and TeTeX, TeXLive and other TeX
distributions.  This is his welcome message (cut and

Welcome to LaTeX-Community.org - the new internet
place for LaTeX users all around the world.

This site should provide a sophisticated community
platform for LaTeX users as an alternative to the
several out-dated mailing lists.

Everyone is invited to read and search the forums, but
out of security reasons you will need to register to
post to the forums.

This site is brought to you by Sven Wiegand - the
founder of the famous TeXnicCenter. It runs on a
dedicated web server to provide excellent performance.

Registration and usage is completely free of charge!
Server cost is (hopefully Neutral) financed by
advertisement on this site.

Go ahead and be the first one to post a message! Very

Sven Wiegand
LaTeX Community Administrator
TeXnicCenter Project Manager



Happing TeXing and LaTeXing.

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