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Re: How NSA access was built into Windows

Arthur Pemberton wrote:
On 1/15/07, David C. chipman <dchipman ican net> wrote:
        Hi Claude,

                Interesting email (rather conspiracy-theory-ish for my
taste, but anyway).

You make that seem like a bad thing.

> So, my question is, if this is all true, then, what about Selinux?

I have to ask you, though, because we have the code for SELinux, how
could they provide a back door? Later,

Bury it deep in obfuscated core code that few will ever look at.

                        -David Chipman

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Just a minute. Does anyone here even know whether that original post is authentic?

Has anyone checked with truthorfiction.com or snopes.com to see whether this is a hoax?

"Hoax" is what it sounds like.

Right now, neither of those two sites has ever heard of this rumor. But Claude, I suggest that since you received the original post, you should submit it to both sites and have them start some serious fact-checking.

Won't we look stupid if we start jumping at the shadows of insubstantial rumors!


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