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Re: (no subject)

Thank you so much i been hitting my head against the wall for like the last hour and a half.

This is the error i keep getting:

Error in named configuration:
zone localdomain/IN: loaded serial 42
zone localhost/IN: loaded serial 42
zone 0.0.127.in-addr.arpa/IN: loaded serial 1997022700
zone loaded serial 1997022700
zone 255.in-addr.arpa/IN: loaded serial 42
zone 0.in-addr.arpa/IN: loaded serial 42
zone example.co.za/IN: loading master file zones/example.co.za: file not found
_default/example.co.za./IN: file not found

We just learning so, its not nice to find errors....   :(

Hope you can help


On 1/16/07, Mark Haney <mhaney ercbroadband org > wrote:
Amy-Leigh Armstrong wrote:
> Hi there
> My name is Amy-Leigh im newbie i need some help with a problem/error I've
> run into.  I keep getting a configuration error with trying to change or
> edit my named files and i have checked my config files over and over again
> but it keeps coming up with the same error.  it looks like a syntax error??
> im running fedora core 5.
> Can anyone help me please

Hi!  Welcome to the community.  We'll need more information about this
problem, probably including the offending config files and definitely
the error message you are getting.  I noticed that some older named
config files I had wouldn't work in the version of bind that comes with
FC5, so I had to dig to find the problems.  Maybe I can save you the pain.

Ita erat quando hic adveni.

Mark Haney
Sr. Systems Administrator
ERC Broadband
(828) 350-2415

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