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Re: MP3 to Ogg Vorbis

On Saturday 30 June 2007, Chris wrote:
>Is there an app that will convert MP3 files to Ogg?
It can be done Chris, but please be aware that sonicly, the results will do 
little but insult your eardrums.  Each method throws away different bits and 
pieces, and when you go from one that's missing this, to the other that's 
missing that, with both bits missing in the final, the result is pretty ugly.

I personally much prefer the ogg sound myself, but if you need them in ogg at 
usable quality, then just re-rip them.  The difference between the 1st 
generation of each then is very obvious, even to these 72 year old ears.

I'd use grip for that. With Q7 for a quality setting.

Cheers, Gene
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