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Re: F7 Installation DVD (keyboard quits working at disc check screen)

Dave Cross wrote:


 > Interesting suggestion. I did have a USB legacy setting in my BIOS,
but changing it from "auto" to "disabled" didn't change what happened.

I had that problem before and know that you are pretty well limited once the keyboard stops responding for the laptop.

Anyway, I doubt the disks are burned incorrectly and the problem is with hardware recognition during installation.

Is it possible for you to get a hold of a USB keyboard and see if you could install F7 using the external keyboard? You do not want to use this method post install for a laptop, but hopefully it does not effect F7 itself and your internal laptop keyboard will work.

Thanks anyway,

Sorry the first suggestion did not work for you. Same symptoms, different causes. Maybe there is an option to the installer to disable USB legacy. What happens if you disable plug and pray?



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