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Re: linux IP watcher

Lux Zhang wrote:
> On 01/07/07, *Mikkel L. Ellertson* <mikkel infinity-ltd com
>     Take a look at ddclient. It does a lot more then what you are after,
>     but it does send an email when the IP address changes. It is
>     designed for you with the different Dynamic DNS sites to keep your
>     IP address up to date. It will also work with most routers to get
>     the IP address from them. You can install it with yum, and start it
>     as a service after you configure it.
> thanks, i installed ddclient and it is nice. could you offer a bit hint
> how to configure ddclient to send out email (eg yuanlux gmail com
> <mailto:yuanlux gmail com>) after each update? It seems only sending out
> email to root at localhost.
Edit /etc/ddclient.conf and change "mail=root" to
"mail=yuanlux gmail com".


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