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Updated packages (php, mysql and probably alot more) not available for F7?


I mainly use Fedora 7 for web server purposes but i'm currently
missing the updates for both php and mysql.

The last php package for F7 : php-5.2.2-3.i386.rpm
The latest MySQL package for F7 : mysql-5.0.37-2.fc7.i386.rpm

And i would like to have them both updated to: php 5.2.3 and MySQL
5.0.41.. i always thought that Fedora would update packages as long as
it where no major releases.. but it seems like even some security
updates (php 5.2.3 is mostly a security update release) fail to make
it in the updates.

And the php package (updated) is available for F8 (rawhide):

And if i'm looking to another package (Pidgin in this case) than i see
that it is fully updated with the latest release on

So.. how does this work now? are minor version changes still updated
on F7? and are security releases still updated on F7? because i'm
kinda confused about the updating progress.


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