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Re: Gnome

Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
Jeffrey Ross wrote:
I just starting moving a lot of files on to a USB hard disk, which
consists of deleting about 20 GB of data and then putting about 15GB of
data back on.  This appears to be working fine, however....

Once I started the data copies (two of them) and the "empty trash"
commands all at the same time I noticed that I lost the ability to
manipulate the windows on the screen.  I lost the border around the
windows, I can't resize, minimize, maximize etc.


Thanks, Jeff

Only have one operation going on the USB hard drive at a time. Heavy
access of a USB drive tends to slow an OS to a crawl. I am not sure
if it is because of too much code that runs with interrupts
disabled, or too many interrupts to get the data to the drive, but
there is a definite slowdown once the buffers are full, and you are
down to direct write speed. You man be able to improve thing using
nice or renice to lower the priority of the copy operation.


The machine itself never became sluggish. but I lost all the borders on all my windows, they never returned when the copy was done. I had to logout and log back in for them to return.


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