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Re: Windows shares on F7

Weiner, Michael wrote:
Fellow list readers -
I am running F7 on an x86_64 box, and have an application (Pro/E) that i am using for some design work. My work group has a windows share that i need to save my work to, and was wondering what the easiest method is to make a samba share show up in the linux filesystem so that it will show up in the application? Any ideas would be appreciated Michael
Hi Michael,

Not sure if this works for you, but on a F7 machine, when I had to connect to one of my internal networks, I just used Places -> Connect to sever
-> Set the service type as windows share
-> Entered the server information
-> Username / domain / etc.

And I let the system do all the figuring out bit. It sure did connect and also saved it as a bookmark. So now the next time I connect to the network, this link is all figured out and ready to use :-)


p.s. I know this might have sounded like a silly suggestion, but the beauty of this abstraction model is that tomorrow the Fedora developers could very well change the underlying protocols / libraries and I wouldn't have to mess around with configurations, etc to get things working! :-)

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