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Crazy dependancy issues in f7?

Is there any quality control in fedora any more?

Trying to set up a server. During install i unselected gnome and X11.
Clearly, some package requiring these was still selected, so anaconda
installed both gnome and X11.

Now I'm trying to remove gnome, x11, and all the useless crap I wont ever
need on a server (synaptics?) when I reached this point: grub required

Why the hell does a boot manager, grub, require a graphical toolkit?

The only way I could remove gtk2 was to remove grub. Example, to now
install grub:

 grub                    i386       0.97-13          fedora            489 k
Installing for dependencies:
 fedora-logos            noarch     6.0.98-3.fc7     fedora            5.0 M
 gtk2                    i386       2.10.13-1.fc7    updates           6.8 M
 gtk2-engines            i386       2.10.2-2.fc7     updates           413 k
 redhat-artwork          i386       7.0.0-9.fc7      fedora            6.1 M

WHY?!? Am I the only person that finds this completely and utterly absurd?

Another issue was between smartmontools and usermode. I dont want or need
usermode installed on a server. Yet, I cannot remove usermode without also
removing smartmontools.

Example: putting smartmontools back on the box:

 smartmontools           i386       1:5.37-3.fc7     updates           301 k
Installing for dependencies:
 hal                     i386       0.5.9-8.fc7      fedora            442 k
 hal-info                noarch     20070516-2.fc7   fedora             41 k
 kbd                     i386       1.12-21          fedora            1.0 M
 pm-utils                i686       0.99.3-6.fc7     fedora             26 k
 usermode                i386       1.92-0.fc7       updates           189 k

Now, I realise people say "fedora isnt for production environments" -
which this isnt. But grub requring gtk2, and smartmontools requiring
usermode? These are just silly dependency issues...

I guess I'll probably have to file some bugs in bugzilla.

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