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Re: Crazy dependancy issues in f7?

2007/7/3, Karl Larsen <k5di zianet com>:

> Now, I realise people say "fedora isnt for production environments" -
> which this isnt. But grub requring gtk2, and smartmontools requiring
> usermode? These are just silly dependency issues...
> I guess I'll probably have to file some bugs in bugzilla.
> Hi Dan, with the smallest hard drive you can buy 120 GB, why are you trying to make F7 look like Red Hat 6? Load the smallest F7 with no language or applications packages. Then goto /etc/rc.d/init.d and tell it to not start X.

 Each program that is installed on a productive server rises the risk
of a backdoor
or similar problems. This means: even when X is not running on a
server it might
contain a bug that allows a regular user to get root access. You do
not want that!

 Therefore a service should only (!) contain the programs needed to
run and nothing


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